Professional Support and Development

Most people who are involved with supporting learning and related academic activities will be aware of the changing culture across HE. This is in response to a wide variety of factors, such as the Dearing Report, Subject Review and Quality Assurance, the establishment of the Institute of Learning and Teaching (ILT) as a professional body, the HEFCE funded Institutions Teaching and Learning Strategies, moves to Student Centred Learning, and new opportunities offered by learning technologies.

There has also been a parallel change in the kind of support Educational Development provides in response to these developments.


Groups with a shared interest or concern are encouraged to contact Educational Development to arrange suitable times and an appropriate campus for them to discuss the nature of support they would like.

Educational Development is also able to arrange ‘roadshows’ where there is a group of staff considering making applications for membership of the Institute of Learning and Teaching.

At a departmental or subject group level Educational Development is happy to respond to requests for help or input focussing on specific issues as they arise.


A valuable outcome of many initiatives suggests that the networking of staff working on similar ideas in different faculties across the Institution is extremely valuable. Educational Development is able to coordinate the setting up of networks for sharing and exploring ideas amongst these kinds of specific interest groups.


Educational Development is able to support those wanting advice or help on curriculum for their own development. This might take the form of Teaching Observations. Equally, this might be to support a colleague who is writing a module, or applying for ILT membership and/or Teaching Fellowship, or planning skills across a programme, or undertaking research on an aspect of their teaching, or perhaps just wanting another eye on a proposed publication on their teaching.