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 Organization and Communication Essay Sample systems approach, journal of Information

An essay sample about Organization and Communication

In project management, there has to be effective communication both verbal and nonverbal so that the project is successfully completed. There are communication barriers in any management and the managers should not emphasize on them but rather they should develop proactive management to deal with the surrounding environmental influences and thus shape the communication environment.

Technology is only useful when a manager wants to organize his data into information but it is not in it sufficient to improve communication. After technology organizes the data into information, the manager should play the role of interpreting the information into communication so that it becomes useful to the project personnel. In order for the project managers to develop their communication skills, they should understand that communication is not only manageable but also interactive (Gillard & Johansen, 2004). This means that they should not be authoritative in their management styles but should also allow the other embers in the project to contribute their views. There has to be effective listening by both the project manager and the other members in the project.

A project manager should be able to select and organize the projects of an organization better. This means that the managers should be able to fit all the projects of their organization and determine the effects they will have on the departments. This is usually very easy with portfolio management, which makes it easy to utilize less money and time by making detection of the weak areas that need improvement possible. This means that a successful project requires an organization to put extra effort implying that projects need to be organized just like organizations. The new project management tools of a project helps in improving the best practices of an organization by standardizing the methodologies (Gates, 2003).


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