About Educational Development

Our mission statement

“Contributing to the development of the University and its teaching to create an innovative, effective learning environment which will empower students through and beyond their University experience.”

Core values

Educational development work stems from values that guide the process of change. Our functions are underpinned by the values from the university teaching and learning policy:

  • self-awareness: developing a clear vision, a reflective approach and a commitment to evaluation
  • dialogue: creating opportunities for, and contributing to communication and debate
  • collaboration: an inclusive approach which emphasises the skills of working effectively with colleagues and students, individually and in teams
  • flexibility: as educational development is complex and unpredictable, our functions and activities should be continually forming and reforming

Core functions

Personal and professional development

  • to lead the provision of professional development in learning and teaching for all groups of teaching and teaching related staff
  • to encourage peer and mutual support through facilitating collaborative working
  • to provide access to resources, advice, guidance and encouragement for staff on matters related to learning and teaching

Curriculum development

  • to encourage and support the development of innovative approaches to learning and teaching
  • to co-ordinate and disseminate innovations to contribute to developments
  • to empower others to embed appropriate good practice at discipline/programme level
  • to support, promote and facilitate research into learning and teaching

Institutional development

  • to signal, inform and support the process of change in learning and teaching
  • to advance the implementation of generic developments in their early stages
  • to seek and implement externally funded developments in learning and teaching
  • to contribute expertise in educational development nationally, and promote the University of Plymouth as a centre of excellence
  • to build networks internally and externally to promote good practice in learning and teaching