Sarah Shobrook

Resource Development Officer

I have been working in learning and teaching now for three years. My first experiences were as a project officer for a FDTL (3) project called SPAT. SPAT was an acronym for Student Progression and Transfer and focused on the issues encountered by HND students moving onto top-up degrees ( As project officer I was responsible for jointly developing and writing a set of customizable support materials for FE/HE staff and for HND/top-up students. In addition to developing the support materials, I delivered a number workshops across the country. In November 2002 I moved to Educational Development where I have continued my work on student progression by developing a set of bridging materials for foundation degree students moving onto the final year of an honours degree. In addition to my work with the university, I have been employed on a consultative basis by the University of Hull to write a workbook on pre-entry issues and induction strategies. The workbook is based on case study evidence collected from a number of engineering departments throughout the country.
I can be contacted for advice relating to all areas of student progression, but particularly from level two to honors level. I will continue developing the bridging materials for direct entry students and am happy to discuss any aspect of the process with either staff or students. In developing the materials I have worked closely with partner college staff , staff at the university and final year top-up students. In the near future, I will be running a number of staff development sessions with FE staff teaching HE. The sessions will focus on developing higher order skills and on preparing students to write a dissertation/research project.
I have a Ph.D. in Geography, that looked at the cultural issues around ideas of nature conservation and social redemption at the end of the twentieth century. My case studies included the Eden Project in Cornwall, the regeneration of Greenwich Peninsular, including the Millennium Dome and the Millennium Seed Bank at Wakehurst Place. I have experience of teaching in HE and have published three articles in refereed journals. My academic interests lie in understanding or critiquing contemporary culture. This could be in an educational, geographical or social context. My thinking and understanding of the world have been influenced by the work of Jean Baudrillard and Paul Virilio.